About us

Transforming scientific discoveries into effective treatments

We are working tirelessly to find a cure for this devastating condition. Through our partnerships with leading researchers and medical professionals, we are making progress towards a world where GRIN2B Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder is a thing of the past.

Racing against time

Children affected by GRIN2B Disorder require therapies, medications, and other supports to manage symptoms and improve their quality of life. They need effective treatments and a cure. We are working against the clock to help our children lead full and healthy lives.

The GRIN2B gene is also associated with Autism, Epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s Disease. Our research has the potential to help these larger communities.

Metrics of success

As we work towards curing GRIN2B Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder, 2BCured will measure our success by:

  • The success of our fundraising efforts to raise $8M to support the next 5 years of research

  • The growth of our research network through new collaborations and partnerships

  • The progress of research projects, such as the identification of potential treatments, advancements in understanding the disorder, and successful preclinical or clinical trials

  • The publication of our research findings in scientific journals

  • The real and tangible impact our research has had on children and their families

  • The breadth and depth of our increasing knowledge of GRIN2B Neurodevelopmental Disorder

  • The satisfaction and continued engagement of donors, volunteers, and community members


As we reach the mid-point of 2023, we are proud to have raised over $4 million to advance the development of ground-breaking research and, ultimately, a cure. Your support is critical in accelerating and sustaining progress.

Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of the children and families affected by GRIN2B Disorder. Your donation brings us one step closer to a cure.